We are now part of the ONE trust! Our facilities are outstanding and purpose built to ensure we can provide the very best educational opportunities! We have some spare places in some year groups if you would like to join our new journey!


Dear Parents and Pupils,

February 2020:

We have been reinspected and are delighted to tell you that we remain a Good school. Thank you to all pupils, parents, staff and governors for all your support.

Link to Ofsted webpage where you can find most recent report:

January 2020 Ofsted report

Best Wishes

Mrs Thompson


What is it like to attend this school?
Pupils are proud to belong to this happy and inclusive school. They play and work well together. Pupils socialise in breakfast club, where healthy food choices are available. 
Leaders, staff and governors have high expectations for all pupils. Pupils take great pride in working hard. One pupil said, ‘We learn more and get better at things because we practise, practise, practise.’ Teachers are ambitious for what they expect pupils to achieve. Pupils aim high and are proud when they succeed. Pupils are ambitious in their future aspirations. Their career choices include working as a doctor, a teacher, a vet or a footballer. 
Pupils relish their roles as school councillors or attendance ambassadors. Those with responsibilities are positive role models for their peers. Pupils understand how democracy works. They elect a ‘prime minister’ each year based on the strength of the candidate’s manifesto.
Pupils recognise the signs of bullying and say it is rare. They say that staff tackle any unacceptable behaviour straight away. Pupils trust that staff would deal with any bullying issue in the same way. The majority of parents who gave their views during the inspection praise the school.