We are now part of the ONE trust! Our facilities are outstanding and purpose built to ensure we can provide the very best educational opportunities! We have some spare places in some year groups if you would like to join our new journey!

Meet the staff

Mrs Thompson - Head Teacher
Mrs Hills - Deputy Head
Mrs Berryman/Mrs Main - Senior Management
Mrs Alderson- Special Needs Co-ordinator
Mrs Rae - Chair of Governors

Early Years Teachers
Mrs Brennan/ Miss Carter - Nursery
Mrs Berryman  - Reception
Mrs Watson - Reception and PTA leader

Key Stage 1 Teachers
Miss Young - Year 1
Mr Goldie - Year 1/2
Mrs Frizzell - Year 2
Mrs Carter - PPA Teacher 

Key Stage 2 Teachers

Miss Atkinson - Year 3
Mrs Bonnar - Year 3/4
Mr Singh - Year 4 and phase leader
Miss Balmer - Year 5
Mrs SØrensen - Year 5
Mrs Mason - Year 6 and phase leader 
Mr Zobel - Year 6

Support Staff
Mrs Dixon - Parent Support Advisor
Mrs Hegarty -Teaching Assistant
Mrs Thomas -Teaching Assistant
 Mrs Martin - Teaching Assistant
Miss Swales - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Miekle - Teaching Assistant
Miss Robson -Teaching Assistant
Mrs Brookwell -Teaching Assistant
Miss Christenson -Teaching Assistant
Miss Bell - Teaching Assistant
Miss Fail- Teaching -Teaching Assistant
Mrs Martin - Teaching Assistant
Mrs EL- Fedawy - Teaching Assistant
Miss Ritson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Digpal- HLTA -Teaching Assistant

Miss Welsh - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Peck- Business Manager
Mrs Anderson - Admin and Attendance Manager
Mr Agbonwanesten - School Caretaker
Mrs Bolam - School Cook
Mrs Barker - Dinner Supervisor      
Mrs Weatherhead - Dinner Supervisor
Mrs Islam - Dinner Supervisor
Miss Walton - Dinner Supervisor

Miss Dover - Dinner Supervisor
Miss Courtney – Breakfast club