School Day

The School Day

School Start - 08.55
Assembly - 10.10
Morning Break - 10.35am –10.55
Lunch - 12.00pm – 13.00
School End -15.15

The Foundation Stage Unit has slightly different start and end times:
Morning Nursery 8.45 -11.45
Afternoon Nursery 12.15 -15.15
Reception 8.55 -15.00

We ask that children do not arrive until five minutes before the bell.  There is no supervision if children come earlier and if it rains there is nowhere to shelter.
We ask for your support in ensuring that your child arrives at the school on time. Valuable teaching time can be missed if your child arrives late.

All children in Early Years and Key stage 1 have their own entrances.  All children in Key Stage 2 should use the entrance on the top big yard.  Doors will be open from 8.55am to 9.05am.  Only late comers will need to use the main entrance.