10th November 2019
Delighted to welcome our fabulous attendance ambassadors! They all have 97% attendance and excellent punctuality. Miss Todd will meet with the children regularly to discuss attendance figures for each class and ways in which  they can help improve attendance and punctuality across the whole school.
At the end of every week, they will be responsible for informing their class what their attendance % is and the class teacher will send a message out on Class Dojo to inform parents of the weekly attendance  This should be a  weekly update to show if attendance has increased or decreased for each class. At the end of the Autumn term, every child with 100% attendance will get a postcard sent home. The postcard will be written out by one of the attendance ambassadors. If children  have less than 95% a letter will be sent home to parents (again written by our attendance ambassadors).
Attendance ambassadors will also speak in assembly/ reveal winning classes.